I am fortunate to have parents who are accomplished artists. Many of my skills and thought processes were formed with their guidance. I spent two years in college art courses, and continued my education through self study and workshops in Spain and Mexico. My work has been influenced by the Bauhaus artists Klee, Itten and Kandinsky, and others as Miro, Matisse and Picasso.

I paint in two styles, a surreal-pop approach (said to be a cross between Monty Python and Dali by a friend) and a expressionistic/abstract modus operandi. The latter paintings are begun with arbitrary markings placed on the paper. This stimulates my creativity and leads me to a new place, never envisioned till that moment. The surreal-pop style is a more planned approach. These paintings tend to have a whimsical attitude. Surely we can agree there is enough doom and gloom, and I do not wish to create more. Both approaches are linked by the combined use of several mediums and a vibrant palette.

Discovery and invention are abundant in my work, much of which evolves from drawing. Paper and pencil are never far away, they have become my visual laboratory. Looking at things from a new perspective, to regard old ideas from a different angle, requires creative imagination and allows for unique visual imagery. The artist abandons the world immediately around him and instead builds a bridge into another world which is supposed to be complete.

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